Esoteric Intuitive

I am Priestess. Holistic BDSM has a shamanistic and ritualistic character. It includes clear communication, negotiation and keeping ethical standards. The ritual honors the person and the journey itself by bringing clear intent and meaning. It seeks to address the whole person rather than a role.

As priestess, I purify myself to bring positive energy and transformation. What we do is not about the acts, the acts are about what they mean to the persons involved. With intent, we change our selves, our lives, for the better. I know who I am and what I do. My intention is to walk with you, as guide, mentor and elder to speak to your needs in this moment.

My Reiki practice of nearly thirty years deeply informs this work. I have been a Reiki Master for twenty-two years. My bodywork practice, holistic practice and esoteric training by other energy workers also adds to this way of working and healing.


I bring together holistic thinking, knowledge of the body, and kink to deepening individual and couple experience in all it is that we do in the BDSM/Kink and Fetish world. Through accessing this knowledge through proven techniques we can find our way to healthy BDSM and formulate healthy sexual orientation and relationships.

Examples of integrated therapy, education and/or coaching include:

*Life coach

*Teaching BDSM skills ( private lessons or workshops)

*Sexual orientation positioning

*Massage skills

*Somatic therapies

*Lifestyle design

*Relationship counseling within a D/s or BDSM context or otherwise

*Health and Wellness Education

*...Ask ME: I am super creative and intuitive

The first stage of negotiation is to have a conversation. Please arrange through messaging me at Ponymistress on or cagewithaview @ gmail

Holistic sex positive lifestyle coach

The Vision

Through this process of play experience I learned that often we "play" at a therapeutic level even if we don't intend to. Play sometimes morphs into intuitive care of self in a deep way that feeds the whole self: mind, body, emotions, soul - Holistic BDSM. In the darkest places within ourselves often lies a treasure key about who we are, where we have been and where we are going.

I'm passionate about holistic bdsm.

BDSM play is one of ways to live the deepest passion in life burning in the soul, spiritual bliss through love. To define is to explore, learn, experience, understand, develop self, develop communication, and to build emotional and intellectual balance and mental resilience. 

Play can be a spiritual path to enlightenment/self-growth. My calling is to share that path with others. One of my greatest joys in life is teaching and coaching about things that I love.

I am NOT a Therapist. I am an Elder.

As a long-time sex-positive lifestyle activist in both the USA and Sweden, my work as a life coach evolved naturally. I love being on the path of personal development with people, journeying along side of individuals, couples, constellations and groups/organizations. My techniques revolve around inquiry and participatory practice tools. In my other life I am a Facilitation Specialist. 

So many aspects of my life have come together to create a solid foundation as a life coach. BDSM is just one of those things. I believe that BDSM play is one of many ways to live your deepest passions in life that burn in the soul, spiritual bliss through love. To define is to explore, learn, experience, understand, develop self, develop communication, and to build emotional and intellectual balance and mental resilience. Play makes us more fully human and when done with the innocence of a child it is pure joy. Play can be a spiritual path to enlightenment/self-growth. The most important part of understanding play is that it is an attitude in how we approach life, BDSM or otherwise. 

I am the author of The Human Pony published by Greenery Press and lover of all things pony. I have been playing since 2004. I am a regular contributing member to the BDSM, Fetish and pony play communities, holding the 2009 North American Pony and Trainer leather title with SubMissAnn for Great Lakes Leather Alliance. I helped create the Northern California (Human) Fox Hunt event that has become The Chase. I am a Reiki Master. I have appeared in three documentaries including a Secret Lives of Women documentary series and Sex TV. I volunteered with RFSU Stockholm, a sexual rights organization in Sweden for eight years in a variety of capacities including teaching at Karolinska Institute on Therapeutic Relationships for BDSM/F practitioners, Understanind Fetish, and Telling the Difference Between BDSM/F and Abuse. 

I am now a  Master of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability which informs the work I do along with my graduate level training Somatic Psychotherapy. I am passionate about contributing to the discussion about internalized racism, consent, empowerment and socially sustainable sex politics. I am a parent to two children: 27 year old non-binary femme queer and 21 year old kink adjacent man.